These conveyor belts consist of several EP cloths with blended coatings that resist abrasions, lacerations, cuts and ageing due to external agents, and for service at temperatures ranging from –35 to +80°C.They are built for the transport of: limestone, cement, concrete, coke, clinker, fossil materials, inert materials, minerals, glass cullet, salt, green sand, etc., in medium or heavy pieces, according to the number of cloths used.


These conveyor belts comprised of several plies, are coated with elastomers that are highly oil resistant and made to withstand contact with any type of oil or grease; they are also resistant to aromatic and aliphatic solvents, as well as wear due to rubbing and cutting; they can be successfully used at temperatures ranging from – 35° to +80°C. They are ideal for transporting oil seeds, petroleum coke, urban wastes, additivated fossils, fertilizers, lubricated metal parts.


These belts made of several plies are coated with polyvalent material for contact with oily and hot products in an outdoor environment, with abrasive action, and risk of cutting and tears due to the mechanical effects of the materials carried at temperatures of 110 °C with peaks of 130 °C.